Geek Chase LLC EULA



By proceeding with the installation Softwares, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions automatically. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions mentioned here please do not proceed with the installation.






Geek Chase LLC provides you with access and the right to use this software, this license and approval for usage can be revoked at any time. You do not have the right, authorization and authority to make any copies of this software in accordance with this license agreement.



Licensed Units



After the purchase of license customers will receive a product code / serial number to use with the product. This activation code is for one product to be used once. This serial key / product code may not be used more than once on more than one installation.



Intellectual property rights



This is a copyrighted software and registered to Geek Chase LLC according to law. The license key does not give you the right to make changes to the software and change and or modify the content in any manner what so ever. This software is the sole property of the registered owners and any duplication or misuse of the software is punishable according to the law of the United States.



Use of software



Users are not permitted to misuse, resell, modify, edit, copy and reinstall this software in any other computer or computers without authorization from the registered user of the software.



Warranty of software



This software is subject to limited warranty and is sold / distributed on a “as is” basis, this software is not subject to any performance guarantees. By downloading the software you also accept that there is no guarantee that the software will operate error free and defect free.



Limited liability



The use of this software is at the discretion of the user and Geek Chase LLC cannot be held liable in any way for the performance of the software, in addition to this Geek Chase LLC is also not responsible for losses or damage caused by the software to personal or business property and data. The user accepts that they are liable for the usage of the software and other any risks associated with it thereof.



The maximum amount of damages that the user can claim against the software cannot exceed the amount paid by the user for the software.



Term and termination



The terms of this contract start upon the installation of the software and the purchase of the license fee, for the trial or full version. The contract is automatically terminated upon the un-installation of the software or on violation of the term of usage.



License period



The typical license period is for the period of one year or till the termination of the contract after one year of installation. This is standard and holds unless specified in writing at the time of installation on the website.






This license is governed by the laws of the United States of America.



Updating of terms and conditions



The terms of use and service are subject to change periodically, this is subject to the changing laws that are applicable at the time of service. It is the responsibility of the user to access the Eula page and update themselves regularly.






During your usage of the product Geek Chase LLC can send you email regarding the usage of the product and other information related to updating the product or about other affiliate software by its trusted partners.



If you wish to redistribute the software of Geek Chase LLC please contact us via the contact information available on our website



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